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Rafflesia - The Banished Princess by Gautam - Book Review

Rafflesia book

Book Name: The Banished Princess 

Author: Gautam 

Publisher: Frog Books 


"Rafflesia: The Banished Princess" 

The curtains draw up. Lights are dimmed. The musical is about to begin. As the beautiful princess descends on stage, the mythical creatures from her kingdom come alive. Flickers of brilliant colours blaze across as mesmerizing music pulsates from one corner of the theatre to the other. A fairy tale is about to unfold… 

As young children, we often come across things that stay in our hearts forever. For Appu, it is a fairy tale about a beautiful princess. He lives with her in a world filled with the magical creatures from her kingdom until the real world beckons. A reluctant Appu steps into it as a striking young man and struggles to find his place. 

What follows is an evocative tale of love and loss, friendship and betrayal, as the story travels through the snow-peaked mountains of Arunachal to the golden deserts of Jaisalmer, the tulip gardens of Holland to the lush greens of Kerala. Does Appu find what he had set out for? The answer lies in Rafflesia — The Banished Princess because in her story, lay his!" 


I received this book from Arudhaa in exchange of an honest review. 

Rafflesia - The Banished Princess is a story that primarily focuses on Appu, the protagonist and his life. Reading the title and the blurb, you might draw a picture of a fairy tale in your mind. Life isn't a fairy tale though. 

Coming to the story, the pace of the story is slow. The plot is fresh and reading Rafflesia was a completely new experience to me. I had never read a story similar to this one. The book has approximately 400 pages. I felt that the length of the book could have been reduced a little. Since its long, you will find difficulty in reading it in one day. And you will have to re-read a few pages every time you pick up the book to read. 

The characters of this novel develop as you read the book. Appu, the protagonist will become a dear one to every person who reads this book. He is a sweetheart. The author uses a simple language. I came across a few new words that enriched my vocabulary. The narration is lucid and keeps you engaged. 

Give this book a read if you like reading stories centered around imagination and fairy tales. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 3.5/5 
Story: 3.5/5 

I rate 'Rafflesia - The Banished Princess' with 3.5/5 stars.

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The Breakup Clinic by Dr. Govind Sharma - Book Review

Breakup Clinic Novel

An engaging story which I wished would have been a little longer. 

Book Name: The Breakup Clinic

Author: Dr. Govind Sharma

Publisher: Notion Press


Is the break-up killing you? 

The scariest three words for a person in love are: It is over. 

The rejection from a loved one can be the most painful experience in life. 

Ajay, Karan and Nisha seek to end their lives as they are driven to despair by failed love relationships. After the near-fatal suicide attempts, the survivors are in the care of the Freudian Psychoanalyst Doctor Dev who works in a Break-up Clinic to accomplish his mission of providing succor to emotionally wounded persons. 

Will Doctor Dev be able to help Ajay, Karan and Nisha to come out of the emotional quagmire and move on? 

The Break-Up Clinic makes an attempt to answer the question: Why do some people suffer so much in love? 


I've read Govind Sir's second novel - State vs Amrit Kumar. I liked his style of storytelling. When he askes me to review his new book, I grew excited. I wanted to lay my hands on his book as soon as possible. I had received this book long time ago but due to some professional commitments couldn't read it. And then when I finished reading it, I didn't find time to review. This book is special and I wanted my review to be written with a cool mind. 

The Breakup Clinic - the title will make you think that this might be a self help manual which would help you move on post a breakup. The book isn't a help manual. It is a story about three people at different walks of their life who have had a breakup. It's a story of how Dr. Dev helps them move on with their lives. 

Breakup is a very sensitive topic. The ones who are single wouldn't know about the pain felt while the ones who are in relationship wouldn't want it to happen to them. Crafting a story around this topic is something that I heard for the first time. The author has introduced the characters and their story in an appreciable manner. He tells us about their past in three different ways. He has woven all these three stories together with a common thread - Dr. Dev. Every individual has a story. That is what the characters of this novel proved to me. 

The simple language and awesome narration makes this novel a wonderful read. The development of characters is fantastic. As you progress with reading, you will feel more and more attachments towards them. You will feel like they are a part of your life. You will feel their pain and the emotions in them. The characters aren't strong willed people but the manner in which they become one is worth praising. Building up your life from scratch is a courageous task. And the protagonists do it with the help of Dr. Dev. I loved the way the author has put forward the incidents of this story. They aren't any twists and turns. The story is presented in a simple yet interesting manner. The story keeps you hooked on to it until the end. 

There are many people out there who are struggling to move on with life post their breakup. I believe every city needs a breakup clinic. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 4/5 
Story: 4/5

I rate 'The Breakup Clinic' with 4/5 stars.

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Aparna Sinha - Author of Ashwamedha : Interview Session

Aparna Sinha - Author of Ashvamedha

Introduce yourself to the readers.

Born and raised in city of Allahabad, by academician father (his book has won the national award) and writer mother; I was always a dreamer and always a story teller. After graduating, I did my MBA and became a marketing professional. The book happened when I was hit by chronic autoimmune disorder, which forced me to quit my job; while the world/society felt sorry for me for losing my perfect skin to a disease, which may or may not cure, I used the time to write the novel. I recuperated as the book finished. Even though my body still carries marks of that illness, but it doesn’t remind me of pain and sleepless nights; it has made me strong and I thank god for that!

Now, I am a mother of an 18 month old boy and I love every bit of motherhood.

Ashvamedha - Book Cover

Tell us something about your book - Ashvamedha - The Game of Power.

Ashvamedha is a political thriller about years of Ashwin Jamwal’s life, in which he gradually became the most powerful man on earth, were orchestrated by master manipulator, Hades. Hades made him powerful only to sacrifice him, in the end, and claim the ultimate authority.

The book is #6 among top 50 favourite book by female author 2017; the book is called best political thriller of recent times by Hindu.

What made you write a political thriller? How was your experience writing Ashvamedha?

Head of a political party was mocked for making a comment on ubiquity of politics, his choice of words was little off track, but he made a valid point. Politics is everywhere. Yet, political thriller, is still a lesser read genre. People associate politics with boring stories of old men quietly discussing a government overturn, in reality it about is continuous strategizing, involving dexterity of highly shrewd individuals capable of manipulating and deciding fate of over 7 billion people. It is exciting to read political thrillers and even more enthralling to write one.

What was the toughest part when writing Ashvamedha?

Research and validation after writing.

Are you working on your next book? Let us know some details about it.

It is a thriller will touch base on education system of the country through that book.

It was good talking to you. I wish you all the best.

Thank you.

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Psycon by Varun T - Book Review

An amazing book. A must read!

Book Name: Psycon

Author: Varun T

Publisher: Notion Press


A new regime is manning the reins of governance in India, having arrived on the scene with an anti-corruption agenda. With the IT Department chasing down tax evaders to curb the menace of black money, party funds begin to dry up, a year before Uttar Pradesh goes to polls. 

Enter Prateek Subramaniam and Yashwardhan Sharma, through their brainchild, PSYCON. 

Set in the heart of UP, the duo works to assist the ruling party’s agenda of conquering the Hindi heartland. Their mission: amassing the funds the task would need. The two have their job cut out for them. 

Between harassing businessmen to shell out money and making money in the process, they make quite a bit in the initial windfall. And yet, a can of worms is opened when the CBI enters the picture. 
Do the two con their way out of the CBI’s grasp? Will truth prevail in the land of Satyamev Jayate? 
Or will they find reality too bizarre to handle? 


There are novels out there which make you emotional. There are novels out there that make you laugh. There are novels out there which make you cringe. There are novels out there which make you angry. But there are very few novels that make you feel all emotions at once. Psycon is one such novel that will make you feel all the emotions at once. You will feel sad for Prateek and at the same time feel angry. You will be surprised to see how low a businessman can steep for the success of his business. The escapades of corruption mentioned in this story will leave you shocked. Psycon will leave a deep impact on you. 

The blurb of the story is simple one which will make you think that the story too might be a usual story of corruption. You can very well compare Psycon to an iceberg. It's much bigger than it appears. The plot is a simple one but the manner in which it is developed is worth all the praises. Every chapter surprises you. I appreciate the efforts the author has put in for all the research. I myself was unaware of many practices that are mentioned in this novel. The first word which comes to your mind when you read corruption and black money is bribe. But there are many faces to this black money conundrum which are revealed as chapters in this book. 

The story is narrated excellently. There is no room for any confusion inspite of having so many characters. You get to know about each character as you read the story. It is like you discover a thing or two about the characters and you feel you know him better. The characters feel real. The language is lucid. I loved the presentation of this story. The twists and turns of this book will keep you on the edge. You will be hooked onto this book. 

I would love to see Psycon as a movie on big screen. The book has every element that is required to make an excellent movie. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 4/5 
Story: 5/5 

I rate Psycon with 5/5 stars.

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No One Can Replace You by Kumar Nitin Antil - Book Review

No One Can Replace You - Book Cover

The same old wine presented in a new bottle.

Book Name- No One Can Replace You 

Author- Kumar Nitin Antil 

Publisher- Invincible Publishers 


Aryan, a shy but talented civil student who has a powerful gift of simplicity and an ability to express himself, is best friends with Rakshit, who is a pogonophil, the go-to person, the one friend who is always to the rescue, just like a fire-fighter. 

Annika, the academic topper, pursuing Engineering, when her heart was really set somewhere else. In spite oftheir differences, Aryan and Annika catch each other's eyes and hearts. When all the others were busy working toward their career, these two were busy dancing to the tune of love. 

However, life never makes it easy for anyone. In an unpredictable turn, a stranger is thrown in the mix. Will the pair be able to withstand the storm that looms over their head, when one of them caught in the mess? Will they be able to stick together? And who was that stranger, intent on destroying their castle of love? 

No one Can Replace You is a story that will inculcate your devotion in love and friendship. 

Story in a nutshell- 

A simple average boy falls in love at the first sight with a simple and intelligent girl. He tries to strike friendship with the girl with the help of his friends. Once strangers now become best friends. Texting, telephoning and meeting each other becomes a routine. Over time, the boy is deeply in love with the girl. He confesses his feelings and waits for the reply from the girl. She exits his life without stating the reason. The boy gets into depression. Does he come out of it? This is what the story is all about. 


I've had enough of college romances. The same old story presented everytime. I started this story with a hope that it would offer something new but was utterly disappointed. 

The story gives out nothing new and I had an headache when I completed reading it. All I was eagerly waiting for was for the end. I was turning pages not because I was excited to know what happened next but to reach the last page as soon as possible. 

The language and narration is very simple. I came across many new words which appeared stuffed into the story. The first turn off about this book was the plot while the second was this insertion of words. They didn't seem to gel well with the narration. Justics hasn't been done to the characters as well. The author mentions about a group of friends and by the time you reach the end, you will find just one guy. The epilogue mentions about them. Where were they during the other chapters? The book is also in need of right editing. There are many grammatical mistakes. 

The only thing I liked about this book was a short write-up about love at the end. 

I rate: 
Cover: 2/5 
Characters: 1/5 
Story: 1/5 

I rate 'No One Can Replace You' with 1/5 stars.

The book is available on Amazon.
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For the sake of my ego by Ajay Setia and Harleen Walia - Book Review

For the sake of my ego - Book Cover

Book Name- For the sake of my ego 

Authors- Ajay Setia and Harleen Walia 

Publishers- Invincible Publishers 


For the sake of my ego is the journey of passionate Aryan who is in love with Music from eternity. Life changes for Aryan the moment he enters college where he gets the chance of justifying his passion for playing music. The fascinating college life brings to him opportunity to perform in a rock band, however situations make him turn down the offer, something he regrets very soon. But his thirst for playing in a band amends his ways. Unfortunately, his eyes get opened the day he is thrown out of the band 'Vishesh'. The cobwebs of love never fail to bother Aryan and he realizes that life is much beyond his expectations. On his way though engineering, his enemies out number his friends, his story is all about answering the questions of his life: Will destiny ever allow him to perform in front of his college? Will his ego ever let him go back to Vishesh? Will any new path open up for him? Or will he have to make his path on his own? 

Story in a nutshell- 

For the sake of my ego is the story about a young boy named Aryan and his college life. Life is all about making memories. What memories does Aryan make in this college days? Does he find success at confessing his love, Tania? Is he successful at making his band? Or does his passion for music die? 


Nowadays, most authors are into writing college romances. The same old stories are presented with some twists and in a new jacket. I wondered if this book too was belonging to the above mentioned category. I started reading the book and realised that it is not just another story of college romance. There's something more to it. 

Aryan, the protagonist begins his story of college life from the fresher's party and walks us through the four years of his engineering days. He talks about his crush Tania, the band - Vishesh, his grades and his passion for music. Apart from Aryan's passion for music, everything in this novel seems like that old wine in the new bottle. The simple narration of this book and lucid language makes this book an easy read. The incidents have been rightly placed. The reader knows about the year of Aryan's engineering unlike some books which talk about first year on first page and last year on tenth. However, I felt that some incidents were exaggerated out of proportion. It read as if the authors had stuffed some incidents to make the story appear lengthy. The story isn't one if the kind but it gives out message of never giving up on something you love. It tells you to follow your passion with dedication and cross all the hurdles you encounter on your way. 

I rate: 
Cover: 2/5 
Characters: 3/5 
Story: 2.5/5 

My overall rating for 'For the sake of my ego' is 3/5 stars.

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Karma by Kevin Missal - Book Review

Karma - Book Cover

Karma is a blend of horror, love and psychology. 

Book Name- Karma 

Author- Kevin Missal 

Publisher- Kalamos Literary Services 

Price- Rs. 75 


KARMA IS WORLD's FIRST INSTAREAD Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she had died eight years back. Second, she is not human anymore. (Italics) Can he love her again?had died eight years back. Second, she is not human anymore. (Italics) Can he love her again? 


Karma is a blend of horror, love and psychology. 

The cover of this book shows a lonely man and a lady in the background. The shades of black and blue is perfect and goes in hand with the genre horror. The book is small in size having 85 pages. The book is a quick read and you will finish reading it in half and hour. 

Moving on to the story, I didnot find it spine chilling one. I like to read horror which gives the reader goosebumps and Karma isn't that kind. I was reminded of the Indian cinema, 1920- Evil Returns at some instances. I found the surprise element missing in this story. A few incidents from this story made me laugh rather than making me scared. The story starts off well but as you read further, it loses its charm. It turns monotonous and predictable. 
The simple language and lucid narration makes this book an easy read. The story is presented well with good twists and turns. The story is plotted well. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3.5/5 
Characters: 3/5 
Story: 2/5 

Karma gets an overall rating of 2.5/5 stars from me.

You can buy this book on Amazon.

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A Team of Extraordinary Bastards by Arka Dutta - Book Review

A Team of Extraordinary Bastards - Book Cover

Book Name: A Team of Extraordinary Bastards

Author: Arka Dutta


A Team of Extraordinary Bastards is one such book that gives you a pleasant reading experience. You will fall in love with the protagonist, Arya right from the first page of the book. April is a sweet girl. The story is about Arya, his life and football. Author has an amazing knack of storytelling. The story has been narrated in such a way that you think it to be real and happening around you. I was reminded of the movie - M S Dhoni. I believe that this story could very well be converted into a movie. The great plot will keep the readers hooked on to it until the very end. You will be so engrossed in the story that you won't realise when you have completed the book. The story makes you curious. It keeps you engaged. It's narrated in simple language with awesome vocabulary. The third person narration has been done lucidly. The moment I realised this book is of around 300 pages, I wondered whether I made a right decision of accepting the book for review. The blurb had interested me very much. I didn't realise when I finished reading it. The story teaches you to live, to love, to follow your passion and most importantly believing in the best. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3.5/5 
Characters: 4/5 
Story: 4/5 

My overall rating for 'A Team of Extraordinary Bastards' with 4/5 stars.
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The Case Files of Martin Brothers by Abhigyan Sarma - Book Review

The Case Files of Martin Brothers - Book Cover

"It is an amazing story. I would love to see it convert into a short film."

Book Name - The Case Files of Martin Brothers 

Author - Abhigyan Sarma 

Publisher - Invincible Publishers 


When John, Joe and Jeff agreed to help a husky old man in finding his stolen ancient family treasure, they had merely thought that the treasure hunt would be fun filled. Little did they know, that it would prove to be dangerous as well. From being locked up in a room with leaking gas, to aiming a falling tree at them, the thieves left no stone unturned to get them out of their way. The three Js, as the boys are commonly known, soon realized that the thieves they were dealing with were not just any petty thieves but someone who could go to any extent to get their job done. 

Story in a nutshell

The three brothers - John, Joe and Jeff known as The Three Js, are the private detectives. They have solved many cases and also, helped the police in solving some. Jean Bucks comes to them for help in order to find his syolen treasure. Nothing gives boys more happiness than solving cases. The Three Js take up the case of finding the stolen treasure. This book is their escapade of finding the stolen treasure. 


The moment I read the first few pages of this book, I was reminded of the cartoon - Scooby Dooby Doo. This book is an awesome read for all those readers out there who love to read tales of investigation. 

The story starts with a brief introduction about the boys and the cases they have solved. As the story goes on further, Jean Bucks and his case is introduced. The Three Js solve the case one step at a time. They fall into dangerous situations but emerge out of them victorious. 
The story has been thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind every minute detail. The incidents have been rightlt placed. Author has ensured that he hasn't let out the mystery anytime during the read. He has perfectly carried it until the end. The author has narrated this story in third person. His language is simple, easy to understand and convincing. He has described the situations beautifully. You will feel like you are with the boys, facing those situations and investigating the case. Such real the narration is!

The three boys, though belonging to the younger age, are matured to take proper steps in order to find the thief. They are disciplined, good mannered and passionate about their work. They are inspiration. 

The author has mentioned that this is the first installment of the book in Martin Brothers Series. I am certainly looking forward to the next one. Also, I would love to see this book in the form of a short film. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 3.5/5 
Story: 4/5 

I rate 'The Case Files of Martin Brothers' with 4/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.
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My Complicated Destiny by Swarali Wankhade - Book Review

My Complicated Destiny - Book Cover

"My Complicated Destiny is an emotional tale of love."

Book Name: My Complicated Destiny 

Author: Swarali Wankhade 

Invincible Publishers 


They say, there is always a connection between friendship and love. Deep Love has a shadow of a strong friendship and a strong friendship often stems out into love.

Zed and Kanishka were no exceptions. Theirs was a bond that was beyond friendship. Two inseparable souls that looked for solace in each other. Being at the peak of their youth, career came first. Both decide to pursue their dreams and return to each other in a span of five years. FIve difficult and eventful years shattering many lives. 

That fateful when Zed left from the airport to make his future and Kanishka's dreams were only dreams.... well, almost. 

Story in a nutshell: 

All love stories, most of the times, begin with friendship. Similar was the case wirh Zed and Kanishka. They meet during their childhood and stay friends until adulthood only to realise that they love each other. It is usually seen that you do not value a person or a thing until the day you feel it's going away from you. You begin to show your care when you know it's slipping off your hand. You start to love it more. Zed moves abroad for higher education leaving Kanishka in India. He realises that he's in love with her and misses her company. Five years roll on. Zed doesn't spend a single day without thinking about Kanishka. When he returns back to India, he learns that Kanishka and her mother have relocated some place else without informing anybody. Where have they gone? Has Kanishka stopped loving Zed? Does Zed succeed in finding the love of his life? 


My Complicated Destiny is an emotional tale of love. The story is about Zed and Kanishka who are in love with each other. They decide to pursue their careers and therefore, move on with their lives. While Zed makes the most of his life, life for Kanishka becomes difficult. The story talks about true love and the difficulties it faces. It talks about long distance relationships. I wouldn't say that the story is a unique one. It is one of its kind. It is simple and adorable. 

The characters - Kanishka and Zed seem matured enough for their age. The relationship that they share is sweet. You will surely desire a relationship like theirs. There is so much understanding between the two. The story has been narrated in Zed's as well as Kanishka's point of view. The simple language and simple narration makes this book a very sweet read. There are many 'aww' and 'tsuk' moments in this novel. It will make you happy as well as sad. You are sure to get teary eyed towards the end. 

This book could have been made better by narrating the story more creatively and editing it well. Overall, it was a good one-time read. 

I rate:
Cover: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Story: 3/5

My Complicated Destiny gets 3/5 stars from me.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.
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